Bring on the Fuzz

I’m sure I’m not alone in sharing that I love removing dryer fuzz from the filter.  Hey, Larry David made a career poking fun of all the strange things we secretly enjoy ~ why not me?  Within those tiny bits of fuzz lie the sweetest, softest memories of a family.
The first fuzz was the byproduct of baby blue layettes only to be replaced by fuzz  from rough and tumble boyhood games ~ baseball, dodgeball and capture the flag.
As I fold each article of clothing before my last born’s journey off to college, I wrap myself in his life, nose poised to identify familiar scents, ears perked to recollect the sound of hardy laughter. It’s all the more poignant now, having walked this path with two elder brothers.

Carefully,  I match dozens of  white socks …. pairing and tucking them together, grateful for the opportunity to complete this simple task again … and again.

All too soon, the kids  leave ~ only to return for short spells but with purpose in coming back to the family they hold dear.