In My Closet

img_2971One of the benefits of spending lots of time at home, combined with an addiction to organization and clothes, is that your closets rock.

By ROCK I mean you learn and improve things as you go along in order to create something quite wonderful.

In the past I organized my clothes by color. All whites folded or hung together. Same with black and a few other allowable colors. This basically looked great but did not function well;  I never really dressed by color. Nor did I take the time to unfold those beautifully folded foundation pieces to create a look, electing to  grab the usuals instead.

Just the other night, after returning from another unfulfilled shopping trip to realize  I have what I need, I was charged.  Reorganizing my closet  I began to put together the outfits already assembled. Genius! So sweaters had the appropriate layer underneath (color, length,  flow and fabric). I can now put on my standard black leggings and grab the top(s) that work, already layered and ready to go. This is essential, as layering is the only way to dress for me. It flatters me, gives me a longer waist, hides my stomach, resulting in a taller, creative look. Thankfully layering is also IN STYLE, but either way, it’s what I need to do. I’d be layering even if it were out of style.

These dates with my closet  could be one of my favorite times. Could this be a sign of OCD? Who says you have to do something amazing to feel good about yourself? Whatever, it’s what I love to do. My creativity does not require messy materials like paint and clay, just clean clothes and hangers.