On Facelifts

So, here’s four things I have to say about facelifts, botox, fillers, and the like.

Go for it if it really does something to make you feel happier, but consider this if you are on the fence or getting fed up with the maintenance involved:

l. Your plastic surgeon looks amazing: When someone says YOU LOOK TERRIFIC, what they really mean is “your plastic surgeon or botox nurse made you look terrific”. 

On the other hand when someone says YOU LOOK TERRIFIC with your marionette marks, jowls, bags and sags, you should take this as a major compliment to your living a healthy and happy life– alongside good genes.

2. It’s a zero sum game. You never win, you just postpone another trip to the Botox nurse or Plastic Surgeon for nothing lasts. If you put a bandaid on it this time, you will only need to patch it up again … and again.  Instead think about the best haircut to frame your aging face and stay in good shape.

3. Embrace aging: see it, feel it and accept it like a yogini. It takes the same amount of energy as fighting it, but less money and trips to the doctor/nurse. Besides it prepares you for the inevitable (getting older) with the accordant life skills you will need to adopt.

4. Aging with grace and dignity is an honor and a privilege. In Europe an older woman who dresses well is admired.  Your length of experience as a woman makes you sexier than a woman half your age.
p.s. I’ve had botox and fillers half a dozen times, and recently I’ve just decided to “say no” until I  change my mind.

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